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Thursday, June 30, 2011

SIGNUPS CLOSED: After the Party by Lisa Jewell

by Lisa Jewell
Atria Books
Publication Date:  August 16, 2011

Donated by:  Publisher

From the internationally bestselling author of Ralph’s Party comes a delightful new novel about the power of starting over.

Eleven years ago, Jem Catterick and Ralph McLeary fell deeply in love. They thought it would be forever, that they’d found their happy ending. As everyone agreed, they were the perfect couple. Then two became four, and an apartment became a house. Romantic nights out became sleepless nights in. And they soon found that life wasn’t quite so simple anymore. But through it all, Jem and Ralph still loved each other. Of course they did.

Now Jem is back at work part-time as a talent agent. Ralph, a successful painter, is struggling to come up with new, hopefully groundbreaking, work for his upcoming show. But the unimaginable has happened. Two people who were so right together are starting to drift apart And in the chaos of family life, Jem feels like she’s losing herself, while Ralph, stuck on the sidelines, feels like he’s lost his muse altogether. Something has to change. As they try to find a way back to each other, back to what they once had, they both become momentarily distracted—but maybe it’s not too late to recapture happily ever after…


Cindy (Oodles of Books) - CA
Lisa (Books in the Burbs) - TX
Heather (Proud Book Nerd) - IL
Kristin (Kritter's Ramblings) - VA
Rebecca (Beck's Book Picks) - GA
Andrea (A Chick Who Reads) - PA
Molly (Reviews By Molly) - NC
Nicole (Forbidden Reviews) - ID



Cindy (Oodles of Books) said...

I would like to be part of this tour.

Cindy, CA
oodlesofbooks [at]yahoo[dot]com


Anonymous said...

I'd like to sign up!

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Sorry. Lisa Salazar, TX, Books in the Burbs,, booksintheburbs(at)gmail(.com).

ham1299 said...

Heather (Proud Book Nerd), IL


Kritter said...

Kristin @ Kritters Ramblings, VA

Rebecca said...

I would be interested in this book



The Mistress of the Dark said...

Andrea @ A Chick Who Reads, PA

andreag @ earthlink dot net

Anonymous said...

Molly AT reviewsbymolly DOT com
Reviews By Molly

Cindy said...

I'd like to sign up!

Nicole - ID

Kritter said...

I would like to post my review on August 16th.

Kristin @ Kritters Ramblings

Cindy (Oodles of Books) said...

I would like August 19th for my review. Thanks!

Cindy @ oodles of books.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to post on August 23rd please! Thanks!

Molly@ Reviews By Molly

coley said...

I'd like to post on Aug 17th please!

Nicole @ Forbidden reviews

Anonymous said...

I'd like to post on Monday the 22nd. Thanks so much!
Lisa@Books in the Burbs

ham1299 said...

August 18 would be best for me.

Rebecca said...

August 24th will be best for me.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

August 20th works for me!

Wolfe said...

posted yesterday just didn't get a chance to stop by here and out my link in.

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