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Friday, August 5, 2011

Signups CLOSED: September Tour: Salvation City by Sigrid Nunez

Salvation City
by Sigrid Nunez
Publication Date:  September 6, 2011
Publisher:  Riverhead Trade

With a premise that is immediately captivating, SALVATION CITY (Riverhead Trade Paperback, September 2011) is set in a near-future world where large numbers of people have been killed by a virulent new form of the flu.  After the death of his parents, 13-year-old Cole Vining, who has lived most of his life in Chicago, is sent to live first in an orphanage and later with a Christian evangelical pastor and his young wife in rural southern Indiana.  Cole is overwhelmed not only by the challenge of coming to terms with the terrible losses he has endured but also of adjusting to a world different in every way from the one that he came from.  Almost everyone in Salvation City believes that the Second Coming is very near, a belief that informs how they live every day of their lives.  How is Cole to reconcile this with what he has been raised to believe, that there is no God and that heaven and hell do not exist?  But it is the richness of the characters’ emotional lives and their relationships to one another that form the true heart of this book and make it such an intimate, compelling, and timeless story.  The reader is swept along on Cole’s perilous but ultimately triumphant journey through grief, spiritual awakening, first love, and in his search for the meaning of family and a sense of belonging.

Although radically transformed by the pandemic, the world of SALVATION CITY is thoroughly realistic, a world that could in fact be described as an extreme version of our world today.  Yet she expertly portrays the fear and confusion that can surround an outbreak.  Furthermore, she portrays the Christian evangelical world of Salvation City with a rare empathy and evenhandedness that are certain to spark much discussion among readers.

  • Tour Dates:  September 8 -September 22
  • Tour signups will close on August 9
  • This book will be available in PRINT format only!
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  • This tour is open to USA & CANADIAN book bloggers.


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