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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Important Site Update - Please Read

Over the past several months we’ve been having a lot trouble in tracking down tour participants for information such as tracking numbers, mail dates, and reviews. We love being able to share these amazing books with as many readers as possible, while at the same time want the tours to run as smoothly as they possibly can. Unfortunately these two main points are not joining as nicely as we’d like them to. And while we’d love to spend all of our day blogging (on both Crazy Book Tours and our own personal blogs) we all have real jobs as well, and are unable to spend hours upon hours tracking down tour participants for the date the book was mailed, the DC number that was used, and finally, and most importantly, the review.

So….in order to try and rectify the above problem, and to make things run smoothly again, we’ve made some changes as to how Crazy Book Tours will run.

Books will no longer be mailed from participant to participant. We are going to do our best to get multiple copies of each book so that each person has their own copy. No need to remember mail by dates, DC numbers, and to post either of these tidbits.

We will do our best to get all of the books in both print and e-book format. All of our contacts may not be able to accommodate this, but will do our best to make it happen. Some books may just be paper, some electronic, and hopefully most both.

Each tour will be capped at the number of books that we are provided with. If we are provided with both paper and electronic copies, you will need to specify which version you would like to receive. The size of each tour will obviously vary depending on the quantity of books we receive.

Each tour will run for a specific time period and your review MUST be posted during that time frame. For example ~ if there are 8 people signed up we will run the tour for 10-12 days. This way everyone will have a few options of dates to post their review on. If there are 6 people signed up, the tour will run 9-10 days.

We will be posting a calendar on each blog post. Once you sign up, you will pick a date that works best for you to post your review. Your name will be added to the calendar on that date – on a first comment/first serve basis. (Also the reason for padding the tour time length so that you will not be pinned down to one day if others have already signed up).

All reviews should be set up so that they post first thing in the morning. Posting at 4pm kind of defeats the purpose of the tour.

Make sure that we have your correct email on file. With Google calendar you can set up a reminder of your “appointment”. We will TRY and set it up so that you get a reminder 72 hrs in advance that your review is due.

We won’t be tracking down everyone to get their reviews posted. We are all adults and should know our responsibilities. BUT, there will be a consequence type of system implemented if you fail to post your reviews on your scheduled tour date. We work very closely with the authors, publishers, publicists, etc., and would like to continue these relationships. If they see that reviews aren’t posted when promised, or not at all, they are going to be very hesitant to work with us again. Or, at the very least, provide us with enough copies for each tour participant.

As stated above, we are implementing some new rules when it comes to the tours. Unfortunately we have participants who we have either let slack in the tour department, or even with repeated messaging and promising still have not posted their reviews. So, in order to weed out those that are just looking for the “free” book to read, and to make it fair to those that are following the guidelines we have put in place, the following rules will now be in effect.

1. If you miss posting your review completely on your tour date you will get a warning.

     1a) If you are unable to finish the book or post your review in a timely manner (early morning), you may post a synopsis of the book/highlight the author. Almost like a spotlight type of thing. You should include the description of the book, info about the author and different ways in which to contact the author - i.e. website, social media). You are allowed to do this only ONCE.  A second time will result in the same warning as if you missed your post/review date completely.

2. If you miss a second review you will be limited to one tour at a time for a trial period of three months. If you are able to post your reviews on your date and in a timely fashion for this time period, we will reinstate you as a full tour participant. BUT should it happen again, see #3.

3. If you miss a total of three reviews (and a spotlight) you will no longer be allowed to participate in the tours. Our site is not for you to receive free books and read them. You’re being provided with these books in exchange for an honest review on your blog. If you feel that you might not be able to meet your commitment, than please let us know BEFORE the book is mailed. It will give us an opportunity to send the book to a tour member who has agreed to abide by the rules of the site.

4. For books that are DNF. If you do not finish a book, then you MUST write up at least a paragraph as to why you did not like the book. You need to accompany that with an author type spotlight/post. You cannot do anything on the day of your scheduled tour stop. To start off with, we will not limit the number of DNF’s you have. BUT if the number of DNF’s that you have becomes excessive, then the above rules regarding missed reviews will go into play.

We enjoy bringing books to you and we look forward to working with all of you as we move forward with Crazy Book Tours! 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please send us an e-mail.


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