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Thursday, December 8, 2011

April Tour: Comeback Love by Peter Golden

Comeback Love
by Peter Golden
Publication Date:  April 2012
Washington Square Press/Atria Books

A debut novel about a man and his romantic quest to find the woman he loved and lost years before.

Like Nicholas Sparks and Robert James Waller, first-time novelist Peter Golden knows how to write the kind of nostalgic fiction that men and women alike fall for. In Comeback Love, a universal story about lost love, he offers an evocative debut that begins in the tumultuous 1960s and ends in the feverish thrill of present-day New York City.

Over thirty-five years ago, Gordon Meyers, an aspiring writer with a low number in the draft lottery, packed his belongings and reluctantly drove away, leaving Glenna Rising, the sexy, sharp-witted med student he couldn’t imagine living without.

Now, decades later, Gordon is a former globetrotting consultant with a grown son, an ex-wife, and an overwhelming desire to see Glenna again. Stunned when Gordon walks into her Manhattan office, Glenna agrees to accompany him for a drink. As the two head out into the snow-swept city, they become caught up in the passions that drew them together before tearing them apart. And as the evening unfolds, Gordon finally reveals the true reason for his return.

Comeback Love is a bracing journey into the hearts of two lovers who came of age in the 1960s. Plumbing the depths of youth, regret, and desire, Peter Golden deftly illuminates the bonds that mysteriously endure in the face of momentous change.
  • Tour Dates:  April 2 - April 23, 2012
  • Tour signups will close on January 3, 2012
  • This book will be available in PRINT and EBOOK (via Netgalley) formats.
  • To sign-up - please leave a comment with your name, e-mail address, blog name, format preference, and the date you would like to post your review (check calendar below - first come, first-serve.  If a date is already taken, you must pick a different date.  Please click the arrow to move over to the correct month as it is set to the current month automatically).  
  • This tour is open to USA and CANADA bloggers (print) and anyone worldwide who has access to Netgalley titles. 
  • The author is available for interviews also.  Please indicate in your comment if you would love to interview the author in conjunction with your review.
Available Dates:
April -
3 - Kritters Ramblings
6 - Psychotic State
9 - Book Bags and Cat Naps
10 - A Casual Reader's Blog
11 - BookSpark
12 - Practical Frugality
13 - Reflections with Coffee
16 - Colloquium
17 - The Bookish Mama
18 - Books in the Burbs
19 - Seaside Book Nook; Alexa Loves Books
20 - Laurie Here Reading and Writing Reviews
23 - CelticLady's Reviews

Review Links:


Celticlady's Reviews said...

I would like to review this one. Thank you.

Kathleen Kelly

whatever format is available...I have a Kindle or print is great too.

April 23rd please.

Kritters Ramblings said...

Kristin D
Kritters Ramblings -
April 3 said...

"Comeback Love" by Peter Golden
Laurie Carlson
laurieisreading at gmail dot com
Laurie Here Reading and Writing Reviews
Date: Friday, April 20th, 2012

Lisa said...

Would love to read it. I can take an e-book. I would like. Apr 10th.

A Casual Reader's Blog
lhoffpauir at gmail

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Reminds me of when an old boyfriend contacted me 30+ years after we broke up.
April 7 looks great, I'm definitely in town that day
Reflections with Coffee

Lori Johnston said...

Would love to read this one! I can take an e-book for Kindle. Would like April 23.

Psychotic State Book Reviews

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Forgot to add to previous comment: I prefer print format, but can do netgalley if no print
Also willing to interview author.

Unknown said...

Jasmine Ko
the bookish mama
April 17th
Thebookishmama at gmail dot com

Thank u!

Unknown said...

Donna Brown
Book Bags and Cat Naps
Format: Netgalley
Review date: 9 April


Glenda Cates said...

Glenda Cates
Authors Book Corner
I would prefer hardback but can do NetGalley

anaavu said...

Anagha @ BookSpark:
I can only read print
April 11 please!

Jilleen said...

This sounds like another great book. April 19th would be great. I can do either NetGalley on Kindle or print.

Jill at Seaside Book Nook
SeasideBookNook {at} yahoo {dot} com

JHS said...

April 16th sounds good to me. I prefer the electronic version.


jhsmail at comcast dot net

Anonymous said...

Lisa@Books in the Burbs
April 18
Nook with Netgalley

Karen said...

I'd love to post on the 12
Print copy if available
kpuleski at gmail dot com

Alexa S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexa S. said...

I'd love to read this one! I actually requested it on NetGalley, but it'd be great to get a print copy.

Put me down for April 19!

Alexa Loves Books

(Sorry, I deleted my previous comment because I forgot to put the date in!)

JHS said...

Loved it! said...

Hi there!
I was not able to get my Post posted until almost 8:00pm because my SON threw a garbage size of bubble wrap at me, and he had JUST come in from the rain, and the water got all over my computer keyboard as it was on my lap. I had to wait until the computer dried out before I could do anything with it. All it would do is 'beep'. The beeping drove me crazy!
Anyway, it's working just fine now, THANKFULLY! Sorry about that. My son does things BEFORE he 'thinks' about it. UGH! Anyway . . . that is why they are kids! Gotta love 'em!
Thanks SOOOO much!
I LOVED this book! Comeback Love by Peter Golden!
I MISS your Book Tours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you coming back with them????????????????
I could help you with them, HONEST TO GOD!!!! I will do ANYTHING to help you to keep these going!!! You get SOOOOO many GREAT books, that I MISS THEM!!!! I LOVE the books you get for your Tours!!! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!! EMAIL ME AND I "WILL" HELP!!!!
Laurie Carlson
laurieisreading at gmail dot com

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