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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Jewel of St. Petersburg

Author:  Kate Furnivall
Publication Date:  August 3, 2010
Publisher:  Berkley Trade

Donated By:  Penguin Publishers

Russia, 1910. Valentina Ivanova is the darling of St. Petersburg's elite aristocracy-until her romance with a Danish engineer creates a terrible scandal and her parents push her into a loveless engagement with a Russian count.

Meanwhile, Russia itself is bound for rebellion. With the Tsar and the Duma at each other's throats, and the Bolsheviks drawing their battle lines, the elegance and opulence of Tsarist rule are in their last days. And Valentina will be forced to make a choice that will change not only her own life, but the lives of those around her forever...  

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Tour Participants:

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3.  Leah - done
4.  Marcie - mailed 9/22 DC# 0307 1790 0002 4230 4877
5.  Crystal 


Tiger:  Didn't finish - No Review
Marcie:  Loves2Read


    IntrovertedJen said...

    Ooh, this looks good!

    Jennifer G. (NC)

    Tiger Holland said...

    Please add me!

    -Tiger (AL)

    Amused said...

    Sounds good to me!

    Amused By Books

    loves2read said...

    Marcie Turner (AL)

    Carolina said...


    Crystal said...

    Crystal F (NC)


    Anonymous said...

    Jessica N (GA)

    onapalehorse at gmail dot com

    Crazy Book Tours Admin said...

    Mailing to Jennifer 7/20 with DC# 9102150134711251058761

    IntrovertedJen said...

    Got home today and this was in my box. I've been away since Friday, so I'm not sure exactly when I got it. I'll still get it out on time though.

    IntrovertedJen said...

    Checked th DC and it looks like it got here on the 24th. I'll get it back out within 10 days.

    IntrovertedJen said...

    Mailed this Tuesday August 3. DC 0310 1230 0000 7784 9373

    Tiger Holland said...

    Received today!

    Tiger Holland said...

    Mailed today, DC: 03091830000035389376

    IntrovertedJen said...

    My review at The Introverted Reader.

    Amused said...

    Got it - thank you!

    Amused said...

    I've mailed this: 0306 2400 0002 7005 9907

    Amused said...

    Here's my review:

    Marcie said...

    received today Sept. 10,2010

    Marcie said...

    Can I get the address for the next person on the list?

    Marcie said...

    I mailed this yesterday priority mail
    dc 0307 1790 0002 4230 4877

    Crystal said...

    Received yesterday - first chance to post.

    Marcie said...

    Here's my review:

    Jennifer (Crazy-for-Books) said...


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