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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Open Country

Author:  Kaki Warner
Publication Date:  June 2010
Publisher:  Berkley Sensation
420 pages

How do you forgive a brother's betrayal? How far do you go to protect the family you love? Hank and Molly find out in OPEN COUNTRY, Book II of the 1870s family saga, the Blood Rose Trilogy.

Molly McFarlane is as desperate as a woman can get. Forced to flee with her late sister's children, she must provide for her wards while outrunning the relentless tracker the children's vicious stepfather has set on their trail. Out of money and with no other options, she marries a man badly injured in a train derailment, assuming when he dies, the railroad settlement will provide the money they need to keep moving West.

But there is one small problem. The man doesn't die.

Hank Wilkins doesn't recall the accident he barely survived-and he certainly doesn't remember marrying Molly. But as he slowly recovers at the Wilkins ranch in New Mexico Territory, the idea of a real marriage takes hold...until his memory returns, and that fragile trust is shattered, and the tracker follows Molly to the ranch. Then things really start to unravel. 

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Unknown said...

It looks sweet and heartbreaking.

-Tiger (AL)


Mary (Bookfan) said...

I really liked the first book!

Mary (Bookfan) WI
meah56 at gmail. com

Anonymous said...

Open Country was delivered to me today!

Mary H. (WI)

Anonymous said...

DC# 0310 0480 0000 5599 3926
Mailed 7/9/10

Anonymous said...

DC# 0310 0480 0000 5599 3926
Mailed 7/9/10

Anonymous said...

Link to Review:

Unknown said...

Link to review:

Unknown said...

Sorry to post this so late--I mailed Open Country on Friday, DC: 03091830000035387754

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