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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Author:  Tonya Plank
Publication Date:  December 2009
Publisher:  Dark Swan Press

Donated By:  Tonya Plank, author

Sophie Hegel is a shy New York lawyer who hails from small-town Florence, Arizona, known not for the Renaissance but for housing a large prison. She's just graduated from Yale Law School and landed her first job when, one evening, during dinner with her fiancé, she feels a fist-like ball form at the base of her throat. A form of the psychological condition Globus Sensate, this "fist-ball" wreaks havoc on her life, causing her difficulty eating, speaking, and eventually even breathing. With a cast of characters that includes a pornographer father, a sister with a knack for getting knocked up by denizens of the town pen, a painter of male nudes, an eccentric Sing Sing-residing client, a tough-talking fashion maven and a bevy of privileged Manhattan lawyers and judges, Swallow is a dark comedy about the distance that can separate fathers and daughters, and about a young woman's struggle to survive in a world of pedigreed professionals for which she has no preparation.

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ok said...

I would love to do this tour!
Tiffany, PA

StephTheBookworm said...

OMG yes yes yes!!! I have been dying to read this!! It's been on my wishlist! Please count me in. Woohoo!

stephaniet117 at yahoo dot com


Cindy said...

I'd like to be part of this one

Cindy, CA.

ok said...

I sent this out today, DC is 0309 3220 0002 4086 7990

Link to review is

StephTheBookworm said...

Got this yesterday.

StephTheBookworm said...

Mailed to Jen 0310 2640 0000 0587 5238

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