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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Author:  Allie Larkin
Publisher: Dutton
Publication Date:  June 2010

 Donated by:  Dutton

Larkin debuts with a funny and touching story about love, loss, and dog ownership. Twenty-something Van Leone, fresh from serving as maid of honor at the wedding of her childhood best friend and the man Van's been in love with since college, impulsively buys a German shepherd puppy on the Internet while drowning her sorrows in vodka and a late-night Rin Tin Tin marathon. Van's surprised to discover, however, that the little ball of fuzz she's expecting is an enormous Slovakian police dog that she names Joe. The expected furniture-destroying and neighbor-terrifying antics ensue, but Joe quickly becomes Van's family, chief confidant, and romantic catalyst. The fresh start Van had envisioned turns out to be more complicated than she'd hoped—particularly after the newlyweds return from their honeymoon—but Joe nudges her ever forward. Though the support cast could be trimmed and the love interest lacks satisfying depth, Van's conflicts feel authentic, and her emotional frankness is refreshing.

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JHS. said...

The dog-lover in me just can resist.


It's hot in California!

Rebecca said...



Kiara Joy Gilbert said...

Name: Kiara Gilbert
State: TX

Katy F. said...

Is it too late to get on this tour?

Katy F.

Rebecca said...

My Review

Rebecca said...

DC # 03082040000205936969

Katy F. said...

I picked this book up at the PO today. Thanks Rebecca!

Katy F. said...

It's in the mail on the way to Kiara!

DC: 03093220000077325137

Katy F. said...

Here's my review!

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