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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A War of Her Own: A World War II Novel

A War of Her Own - A World War II Novel
A War of Her Own:  A World War II Novel
Author:  Sylvia Dickey Smith
Publication Date:  September 1, 2010
Publisher:  Crickhollow Books

Donated By:  Kelli (I Would Rather Be Reading)

A War of Her Own is a compelling World War II historical novel, set in Orange, Texas, in 1943, about a Texas version of Rosie the Riveter in search of happiness.

In the summer of 1943, Orange, Texas, is a sleepy little town overrun with tens of thousands of new workers. With jobs galore at the wartime shipyards, the workers are rich with cash and looking for a good time.

Bea Meade, mother of an infant son, finds her life shattered when her philandering husband announces he is leaving her for another woman. To make ends meet, Bea takes a job at a shipyard as a riveter. Meanwhile, she searches for the love missing in her life.

Life is good for everyone in Orange--except Bea, who has to fight her own battles against a no-good husband, the prejudice facing women in the workplace, and the mysteries of her own past.

Bea's journey to discover who she really is, a vibrant woman of her times, serves up an entertaining story of the World War II homefront you'll remember long after the final pages.



ok said...

oh yes please, I love WWII novels!
Tiffany, PA

JHS said...

Sounds great!


jhsmail at comcast dot net


Kathy (mommysreading) said...

I would love to read this one. I am hooked on WWII novels also.

Kathy at dassaro dot net

thank you

Nat said...

Mailed out today to Kathy:

0310 1230 0000 7651 7341

Thank you for your patience while I was out of town! Enjoy!

Kathy (mommysreading) said...

I got it. Thank you.

Kathy (mommysreading) said...

I sent this a few days ago.


ok said...

Got this today! Please go ahead and send me next address when you have a moment!

ok said...

Sent this out Monday, DC 0309 3220 0002 4086 8812

My review:

JHS said...

I was finally able to get to the postal store! DC #03101230000227400799

And my review is here:

Jennifer said...


Kathy (mommysreading) said...

Sorry that it took soooo long to do a review. I kinda felt blah about this one. I ended up doing a combo review with two similar books. Hope that is okay.


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