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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Witch of Hebron

The Witch of Hebron: A World Made by Hand NovelThe Witch of Hebron
Author:  James Howard Kunstler
Publication Date:  September 7, 2010
Publisher:  Atlantic Monthly Press

In a post-oil America, there is no electricity, no Internet, people travel by horse and buggy, the government is little more than a rumor, wars are fought over dwindling resources and illness is a constant presence; and in the little town of Union Grove, New York, the people must deal with roving bandits and a sinister cult that threatens to shatter the hamlet's stability.

  • Tour Participants
  • 1. Jenn -done
  • 2. Carrie - done
  • 3. Tiffany - done
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  • Jenn
  • Carrie - couldn't finish - no review
  • Tiffany


ok said...

yes please! Tiffany PA

nomadreader said...

I'd love to do this one-he's a local author! (NY)

Cindy said...

Cindy, CA

Jenn said...

I would love to read this!


nomadreader said...

I received this book. Thanks!

nomadreader said...

Mailed to Tiffany today.

DC: 0308 3390 0001 7845 3806

Jenn said...

Review is up

ok said...

Received today :)

ok said...

Here is my review.

ok said...

mailed yesterday, DC was 0308 0070 0000 3215 7411

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