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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merryweather

The Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merryweather: A NovelThe Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merryweather: A Novel
Author:  Alexandra Potter
Publisher: Penguin Plume
Publication date:  March 30, 2010

Donated by: Penguin Plume

At thirty-one, Charlotte Merryweather has it all: a successful public relations business, a loving and committed boyfriend, designer clothes, and a fabulous apartment. Life is much different than when she first came to London after graduating college in the States – her job is better, her clothes are better, and her residence is better. Of course, she has to work constantly to maintain her business, and she never really gets to see her flat or her boyfriend because she’s always out meeting clients, and since turning thirty she’s developed a slew of allergies – but her life is truly fabulous.

Or so she thinks, up until she’s redirected during rush hour traffic one morning, and she passes a VW Beetle that looks just like her own first car, driven by a young woman who looks unmistakably like her twenty-one year old self – the same curly, scrunch-dried hair, tan skin, and reckless, carefree spirit (demonstrated by the young woman’s slightly reckless driving – Charlotte’s much better than that now). When Charlotte sees her more than once on the same street, out of curiosity she follows her . . . back to the same address where Charlotte used to live, when she was working as a puzzle editor and her greatest concern was getting the sexy and elusive rocker Billy Romani to notice her.

And so when Charlotte literally bumps into her former self, Lottie, at the corner pub, she strikes up a friendship. Strange coincidence or no, Charlotte knows that this is the chance few people have – to impart some words of wisdom and help her former self avoid the mistakes she’d rather not have made over the past ten years. Yet as she spends more time with her twenty-one year old self, thirty-one year old Charlotte realizes that perhaps she’s lost some perspective over the years – and that maybe there are some things that the impulsive, fun-loving Lottie could help her remember about love, friendship, and living in the moment.

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Amused said...

This one sounds great!


ok said...

Tiffany PA tiffanyniekro at gmail dot com

Amused said...

I've received this one!

Amused said...

Book has been mailed: DC 0306 2400 0002 7005 9945

ok said...

got this one today as well, will try to get to it asap, got another book today with shorter limit, so will read it first :)

Amused said...

Here's my review:

ok said...

Here is my review

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