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Monday, April 4, 2011

New Blog Tour: On Maggie's Watch by Ann Wertz Garvin

On Maggie's WatchOn Maggie's Watch
Author:  Ann Wertz Garvin
Publication Date:  November 2010
Publisher:  Berkley Trade

Donated by:  Author

Maggie Finley has returned with her husband from the big city to her Wisconsin hometown, where she reunites with her best friend and awaits the any-minute-now birth of her baby. She's determined to create a safe haven on Hemlock Road, a neighborhood that has always meant security, community, and love. One way to do that: resurrect the defunct Neighborhood Watch program.

The Watch folks are mostly concerned with dog poop and litterbugs. But Maggie's done some digging and discovered a potential threat living just around the corner-a threat that must be eradicated. And the more Maggie tries to take control, the more out of control she gets...

Tour Sign-ups Open to USA Residents.

Leave your NAME, E-MAIL, BLOG NAME, and STATE abbreviation in the comments.


Make sure you have filled out the Blogger Sign-Up Form (only needs to be filled out once, unless you have a name/address change)!


Shonda (VA)
Amy (NY)



Anonymous said..., TX

Shonda said...

Shonda (Me, My Book and the Couch)

Unknown said...

I'd love to read this book!

Amy Meyer
The House of the Seven Tails

Shonda said...

I received the book today. Thanks to the author for providing the book for this tour.

Shonda said...

I mailed the book to Amy today.

DC 0310 3490 0001 1193 3383

Shonda said...

My review can be found here:

Unknown said...

I mailed this book out on 6/24, here's the confirmation #0310 1230 0000 3811 8432

I should have posted the DC# sooner, sorry about that.

Unknown said...

I finally posted my thoughts/review of On Maggie's Watch

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