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Friday, July 1, 2011

SIGNUPS CLOSED: Pinch Me by Adena Halpern

Note from Jen - this has to be one of the best covers ever! LOL!

by Adena Halpern
Publication Date: July 19, 2011
Publisher: Touchstone Books


“Never marry a man unless he’s short, bald, fat, stupid, and treats you badly.”

That is the advice that twenty-nine-year-old Lily Burns has heard her entire life from her grandmother Dolly and her mother, Selma. Despite this, when she meets Gogo, the handsome, successful pediatrician who treats her like a queen, she has no choice but to let her heart take over. When she agrees to marry him, Dolly and Selma are inconsolable. They decide it’s time to tell her the truth: their family is cursed. If she marries for love, there will be unimaginable consequences. Nevertheless, Lily and Gogo elope. Unable to believe her good fortune, Lily asks Gogo to pinch her — to make sure all this isn’t just a dream. The moment he does, Lily finds herself transported back to the house she lived in when she was single. Gogo is gone. When Lily tracks him down, she finds that he’s married to someone else and has no memory of her. In this modern fairy tale, Lily must find a way to break the curse and turn her nightmare back into a dream come true.


Heather (Proud Book Nerd) - IL
Lisa (Reads4Pleasure) - MO

Marie - Precision Reviews
Heather - Proud Book Nerd
Lisa - Reads4Pleasure


ham1299 said...

This sounds like fun!

Heather (Proud Book Nerd) in IL


Literary Marie said...

I actually already have an ARC of this book, but would love to participate in the tour.

Name: Literary Marie
Blog Name: Precision Reviews
State: MI
Email: LiteraryMarie AT gmail DOT com

Read in Colour said...

NAME: Lisa
BLOG NAME: Reads for Pleasure

Literary Marie said...

It was such a cute book! Here is my review:

ham1299 said...

Here's my review:

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